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Model: Bibimbap
Photo is Chicken BibimbapBase: Brown RiceVegetable: Japanese cucumber, Carrot, Seaweed salad, Kimchi. Sauce: Healthy home cook bibimbap sauce410 calories..
Model: Fried Rice
Photo is Salmon Garlic Fried RiceVegetable: Corn, Carrot , Edamame , Lettuce, Cherry tomatoSauce: Healthy home cook Sambal389 calories..
Model: Japanese Curry Rice
Photo is Japanese Curry Chicken RiceBase: Basmati riceVegetable: sweet potato, potato, carrotWith boil eggSauce: Japanese curry460 calories..
Model: Keto Diet
Photo is broccoli mash with pumpkin sauceVegetable: Cherry tomato, Japanese cucumber, Carrot, Sweet onion568 calories..
Model: Mash Potato
Photo is Mash Potato with SalmonVegetable: Broccoli, Cherry tomato, Sweet Onion365 calories..
Model: Nasi Lemak
Photo is Chicken Blue Flower Rice with SambalBase: Rice of the day (Basmati Blue flower rice, Basmati dates (红枣) rice, Basmati lemon grass rice)Vegetable: Japanese Cucumber, Tomato, Sweet onion420 calories..
Model: Nasi Lemak Wrap
Photo is Salmon Nasi Lemak WrapBase: wrap & basmati riceVegetable: japanese cucumber, tomato, sweet onionWith ingredients nasi lemakSauce: Nasi lemak sambal450 calories..
Model: Spaghetti
Photo is Egg Yolk Fettuccine with PrawnBase: Spegetti of the day ( Spegetti / Fettuccine)Vegetable: Broccoli, Cherry tomato, Sweet Onion397 calories..
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